Minerals Enamel Booster Pen

$ 39.00

Brand B+You Now

You only get one chance at keeping your tooth enamel happy and healthy – once it’s been worn away, it’s gone forever! Keep your tooth enamel strong and resilient with a remineralizing gel product, such as the Minerals Enamel Booster pen, available in our online shop as well as in our store.


Remineralizing gel is a fluoride, potassium nitrate, calcium-phosphate and mineral-infused gel that has been engineered to replenish essential minerals to tooth enamel that has lost some of its micro-hardness due to acidic foods and beverages, a teeth whitening treatment, or has naturally degraded over time. In addition, the potassium nitrate found in remineralizing gel is also used to reduce and eliminate any tooth sensitivity. The gel is natural, vegan-friendly, easy to apply, and tastes delicious!


If you purchased a high-quality home teeth whitening kit, chances are that it includes some sort of remineralizing gel, as well as thermoforming mouth trays. If so, all you need to do is fill your teeth whitening trays with the remineralizing gel (as you would with the teeth whitening gel) after completely finishing your entire teeth whitening treatment, pop the trays into your mouth, and that’s it! If you have an individual Minerals remineralizing pen, all you need to do is twist the bottom of the pen until you see the gel at the top of the applicator, and brush the remineralizing gel directly onto your teeth. If you want to make sure you cover every tooth with the remineralizing gel, and dont want any of the gel to be wiped off by your lips or cheeks, we recommend you use a Cheek Retractor during the process, for maximum remineralizing results.


You should use remineralizing gel in any situation where you feel that your enamel might need a bit of a boost, whether it is to alleviate tooth sensitivity, or to help strengthen and seal your enamel from stain-causing foods and drinks. Over time, highly acidic foods and drinks (such as orange juice, sports drinks, raspberries, etc.) can soften your enamel, which leaves your teeth much more susceptible to stains. Fight back with remineralizing gel, and reclaim your hard, long-lasting tooth enamel!