A creator of community+national+global needs in the health+beauty+wellness industry, B+You Now was founded by three-time entrepreneur Kristen Chandler. She has a proven ability in taking individual and industry needs and developing these needs into successful business niches, it all began when she created a employer toxicology+compliance business obtaining some of the most well known Fortune 500 enterprises as clients, from there she opened her first a retail lab franchise to assist with her communities need for affordable lab testing services for individuals with high deductible plans or no insurance, most recently she has launched a specialty wellness spa and online store focusing primarily in natural+holistic services and solutions to meet a community+national+global need that did not seem exist as an all in one remedy for individuals who have common heath+beauty+wellness needs outside the spectrum of traditional medical treatment.
Kristen wears many hats, serving as CEO+Founder in all of her businesses. She is an advocate for finding health+beauty+wellness solutions beyond the traditional business models that currently exist. She is committed to continuing to innovate new and affordable health+beauty+wellness services that intertwine the goal of individuals taking control of their own health without unnecessary medical treatments to meet their everyday health+beauty+wellness needs. Kristen believed that there was a market need for individual education of natural+holistic solutions with the combination of providing services to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their individual health+beauty+wellness journey. B+You Now was founded on her vision to create this opportunity for her community to have the accessibility of this unique health+beauty+wellness experience. She has now made her highly popular products available on a national+global scale through their online "beautique" store that can be found on this website under "Products". She continues to strive to innovate ways to break through the glass ceiling in the industries she is involved in, while cultivating new concepts along the way. Follow and support her along her entrepreneurial journey, while benefitting from it personally along the way.


She is a member of many community and national business networks. She is a speaker, contributor to social media outlets, and is a board member for her lab testing FAC. She is an alumnae member of Alpha Phi. She is a graduate of Texas Tech University, holding a BA of Communication Studies with an emphasis in Corporate/Organizational Business degree. Kristen resides in Midland, Texas with her husband and two children, Cannon (6) and Caylor (3). In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, tennis, skiing and traveling.