Our solutions give you a fresh "just off the beach" tan. You are dry before you get dressed and leave with a great tan!

Our organic solution delivers a brilliant spray-on tan with added skin treatment from Muscadine Grapes skin and seed extract.  The organic solution will nourish your skin and provide a beautiful tan, formulated to help fight free radical damage--a sign of aging skin, and helps protect skin exposed to natural elements. It provides a natural brown tone suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

Monthly Airbrush Spray Tan Package

Get an airbrush spray tan monthly package for a low cost! You get 2 tans a month with any solution you like.

Unlimited Airbrush Spray Tan Package

Get unlimited spray tans for the month for a discounted rate with any solution you would like.

Rapid Airbrush Spray Tan

Rapid Tan is a fast and convenient way to spray tan clients who are in a rush and want to wash off instant bronzer quicker than traditional waiting time of 8 to 10 hour. That means clients can get back to what they need to do quickly and are in control of the depth of final tan color. 

    Half Body Airbrush Spray Tan

    Get a discounted price on your airbrush spray tan by choosing to do just half of your body. A half body tan includes legs, arms, chest (above breast line), and face. Leave dry with a fresh tan and enjoy your great new look!

     Face & Neck Only Airbrush Spray Tan

    Get a great fresh tan that looks wonderful on just your face and chest for a discounted price!



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