Appointment for this service is REQUIRED

1. Make sure to exfoliate really well before coming in.

2. Do not wear any deodorant.

3. Removing makeup is the best way to get an even tan, makeup can act like a barrier to the spray tan solution.

4. Do NOT apply lotion after exfoliating.

5. Bring loose fitting clothes with you for after the spray tan. 

6. Fill out Airbrush Spray Tan Form. (You can find this under the "Forms" section on the Website Menus. By filling this out before coming in you can reduce your wait time.)

7. Set appointment either online or over the phone. (Make sure to try and check the weather. We know this is Texas and the weather can drastically change in a minute, but if it is raining, it can mess up your spray tan.)

8. Talk to us when you get here for your appointment. (It helps us pick the best solution for you when we know the reason for the tan and your expectations of how dark you would like to be.)